13 junio 2018

Short Story Competition WINNER 4º ESO

A continuación pueden leer el relato corto (Short Story) que quedó ganadora de entre todas las recibidas de los alumnos de 4º A, B y C de la ESO. La autora es CARMEN GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ-URREA de 4º A ESO. No se han modificado ni corregido los pequeños errores que contiene la redacción para verificar así su autenticidad. Enjoy!

By Carmen García Martínez-Urrea

       When Alejandro saw Sara something trembled inside him. They hadn’t seen each other for years, since the last argue. Both of them felt their love had disappeared and separated their ways. They had shared ten years of their lives and suddenly everything had finished.

        She was as beautiful as he remembered even more. Her dark hair was tied in a bun and her brown eyes seemed brighter. Obviously, she was happy and he could recognize that smile: she was in love. Something hurt in his soul.

        At first she didn’t see him. She was talking with everybody, showing her concern about the situation, but smiling with a sweetness which makes people felt fine. He still loved her. So when she looked at him and started to walk he felt like a teenager. “Oh, my God! Alejandro, I can’t believe it. I haven’t seen you since….” said Sara holding him in a tender hug. “It has been a long time”, Alejandro answered in a quiet voice because he didn’t want to show his feelings.
       “Tell me everything about your life. Let’s take a coffee, where can we have a coffee over here? Sara used to speak without waiting an answer.

     The following day they started to work together. The earthquake had destroyed the entire city and there wasn’t time to relax in the field hospital. After a long day they were sitting under the stars and talking about their new lives when they heard a baby crying. It wasn’t easy to find him. It was hidden under heavy stones that miraculously had shaped a shelter that had made the baby be alive.
        While the insulation continued, they shared the care of the baby. There was too dead to harm and a baby was hope. It was impossible to translate him to the main hospital and he became a link between them. It was like having a time machine. They were young again. They were together again. Alejandro thought he had a second chance.
        After two weeks of living in a dream, an ambulance arrived at the field hospital. There were some soldiers who were going to translate injured people. Alejandro was looking for Sara all the morning. He wanted to ask her to start again, to adopt the baby, to have more babies of their own…
       Finally, there she was, beautiful, full of life, with a marvellous smile in her face, holding the baby while she was kissing one of the soldiers. “Alejandro, come here, I want to introduce my husband”, she was really in love. 

       The earth trembled strongly but there wasn’t any earthquake.

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