20 septiembre 2019

Prayer of St. Francis By Ryan Cayabyab - Video and Lyrics Read

By: Ryan Cayabyab 

Il Signore, Mi Rende Uno Strumento Della Vostra Pace 
(Lord Make Me, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace) 
Dove Ci E Odio Lasciarlo Seminare L’amore 
(Where There Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love;) 

Dove Ce E Ferita, (Where There Is Injury) Perdono; (Pardon) 
Dove Ci E Dubbio, (Where Is Doubt) Fede; (Faith) 
Dove Ci E Disperzione, (Where There Is Despair) Sperare; (Hope) 
Dove Ci E Nerezza, (Where There Is Darkness) Illuminarsi; (Light) 
Dove Ci E La Tristezza, (Where There Is Sadness) Gioia. (Joy) 

O Divine Master, Grant That I May Not So Much Seek; 
To Be Consoled As To Console; 
(To Be Understood As To Understand,) 
To Be Loved, As To Love; (As To Love)
For It Is In Giving That We Receive; It Is In Pardoning That We Are Pardoned;) 
It Is In Dying That We Are Born Again, 
(It Is In Dying That We Are Born Again) 
It Is In Dying That We Are Born Again, 
To Eternal Life. 

Il Signore, Mi Rende Uno Strumento Della Vostra Pace 
(Lord, Make Me) Make Me An Instrument (Il Signore,) 
Of Your Peace.

Read more at: https://www.christian-songlyrics.net

19 junio 2019

"Quiz Your English" App

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Geek vs Nerd

28 marzo 2019


Otro verano más, ofertamos a las familias del cole la posibilidad de hacer una inmersión lingüística en Irlanda, Galway, durante el mes de Julio. Ofrecemos estancias con familias o en residencias durante 2 o 3 semanas. Todas las mañanas se darán clases intensivas con profesores y monitores nativos, además de actividades lúdicas, culturales y excursiones semanales. Los chicos irán acompañados de profesores del colegio en todo momento y gozamos de 3 años de experiencia en este tipo de cursos. La fechas serán desde el día 1 al 15 o 21 de Julio.

Para más información, descargar el folleto haciendo click en la imagen y contactar con el número 628 291 965 o el número 968 210 616.


14 marzo 2019

"Discussion essay: electric cars" by Jacinto González Miranda 4º A ESO

Electric cars are a discovery that has been under development up to the present for a long time. According to some recent researches, by using this type of transport the world will be saved from human’s pollution related to this area. Nevertheless, electric cars have both advantages and disadvantages which require consideration.

Nowadays people usually talk about the advantages of electric cars although it has many disadvantages too. First of all, you have to know that electric cars have a short range of autonomy. Many sources say the real autonomy of an electric car expires within 200 and 250 kilometres. Apart from this, the main disadvantage they have is that currently, there are not enough recharging stations and this means that we cannot make long trips using an electric car.

On the other hand, they have a lot of advantages that help to reduce the world´s pollution. For example, while driving them you are being eco-friendly, what means that you are helping the world and at the same time you are reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, electric cars have an efficiency of a 90% while a normal car powered by fuel has only a 30%. This means that the electric cars will need less energy than cars powered by fuel to make the same effort. As a result, we will be saving much energy while cutting down on pollution.

To conclude, I have to say that from my point of view, I reckon that the whole population of the world will be using electric cars in less than 10 years. Truth be told, I think that it would be one of the advances that will mark the history.