30 septiembre 2015

English Jokes: the bear and the deer

Bear = Oso          Unbearable = insoportable
Deer = ciervo        Oh, dear! = ¡válgame Dios! ¡madre mía!

29 septiembre 2015

Best wishes for the new academic year!

All the best for another exciting school year! Remember that PRACTICE AND DEDICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS! Here you have 7 tips for a successful academic year:

1. Attend classes (asistir a clase), pay attention and understand the lessons and your teachers.
2. Take notes and do your homework.
3. Set yourself (imponerse) study habits: same room, specific time, no interrumptions.
4. Ask for help (pide ayuda) if necessary, but always try to finish your homework.
5. Have comforting sleep, at least 9 hours. Body and mind must be fully rested (totalmente descansadas) in order to perform efficiently (para rendir eficientemente) in class.
6. Revise your notes and lesson weekly. Don't leave all the revision for the night before the exam.
7. Avoid trouble (evita problemas) and be nice to teachers and classmates. You need to be in good terms with (llevarte bien con) the people around you at school.

I hope it may help! Good luck and do your best at school!