25 febrero 2014

School's Cafeteria Prayer

"God is Great and God is Good 
and we thank Him for our food. 
By His hand we must be fed,
Give us Lord our daily bread"

11 febrero 2014

The Big Challenge, a national contest for ESO (by Cambridge)

Once again this year, Cambridge University is celebrating a massive contest on English throughout the country. The contest is a quiz with 54 multiple choice questions whose goal and objective is to test the students' level in English, with questions about grammar, vocabulary and cultural issues as well. There are 4 different types of quiz, one for each ESO school year (1º,2º 3º and 4º ESO). Students will be divided in teams according to their school grade.

                     #Click on logo for more information#

This Year, the school would like team up and participate with a varied group of ESO students who want to test their English in a national competition against other schools. There are relevant prizes - no matter if you win or not- for all participants: t-shirts, diplomas, dictionaries, magazines, books, flags, posters... and major prizes for the best and top-scoring teams: iPods, iPads mini, laptops, Cambridge examination fees...      

The English teachers will give more details and information about the Big Challenge contest 2014, which will take place on Thursday 13th of May at our school. If you are interested and want to do some training for the contest, click here, select your level, and check your score.

#Click on image for quiz sample and training#

The challenge is out there for us to take it. Let's participate!

06 febrero 2014

30th January: International Day of Peace and Nonviolence

Our school celebrated the international day of peace and nonviolence hosting several celebrations, performances and a massive event including all the students of all the different levels, from Infant Education up to Bachiller. The classrooms displayed some originals works and handmade material on the walls and corridors to commemorate the day, being some of them in English. Take a look!