17 junio 2014

Excerpt from interview with GT racing driver, Bjorn Wirdheim, by Pablo Alonso Pereira (4º A ESO)

***  Excerpt from Interview with Bjorn Wirdheim (fiction) ***

Question: Hello Bjorn, P2 in the drivers' standings. Firstly, tell us about your team.

Bjorn Wirdheim: The atmosphere is fantastic and everybody in the team is working very hard. Our main goal this season is to fight for the title, and at the moment, we are in the fight.

Question: We have seen the car struggling in many races, and now you are a bit off the pace. Do you think the next races will be a turning point?

BW: For sure!!! The team has found our problems and we have tested the new package and it is working very well. But the leaders are getting a bit far ahead... However, although I haven´t won a race this year, I have been on the podium in every race.

Question: What about the next round? Racing at Sugo should be an amazing feeling. And you've told them that you´re very encouraged with this one.

BW: Absolutely. I´m looking forward to racing there and win. It's gonna be difficult, but I won't give up, I have a great team pushing behind me. More than 50% of the wins are due to the pitwall staff and the engineers' outstanding job.

16 junio 2014

DUALBOOKS: Libros bilingües... GRATIS!

DualBooks, libros bilingües, es una colección de grandes obras de la literatura universal en versión bilingüe español/inglés. (click en imagen para ir a web)

En estos “libros duales” el texto viene en una página en español y en la otra en inglés, con párrafos coincidentes para aprender idiomas de una forma divertida y muy cómoda.

Disfruta del inglés, de la literatura y olvídate del diccionario!
DualBooks ofrece tanto la versión papel, en servicio de compra online y entrega a domicilio, como la nueva y sorprendente aplicación móvil.

Ya puedes descargarte de forma gratuita la APP DualBooks, libros bilingües para Android (Google) e iOS (Apple). La APP contiene todos los libros editados en formato dual por nuestra editorial e incluye los audiolibros en inglés sincronizados con el texto.

¿A qué estás esperando? Prueba la aplicación YA y comienza a practicar tus reading skills y vocabulario de forma rápida y entretenida con algunos de los clásicos disponibles.

10 junio 2014

The 15 World's Deadliest Animals

What would you say is the most dangerous animal on Earth? Sharks? Snakes? Humans?... Of course the answer depends on how you define dangerous.
I encountered this amazing chart while surfing the net and I was shocked to see the information given. The death toll from mosquito bites is 725,000 in a year, whereas sharks kill an average of 10 people per year.

In my case, sharks have been giving me the creeps since I first saw Spielberg's killing white shark movie, Jaws. But if you’re judging by how many people are killed by an animal every year, then the answer isn’t any of the above. Forget about the shark, the hippopotamus, the snake, the wolf, the lion, the elephant or the crocodile. The right answer is... the mosquito! When it comes to killing humans, no other animal even comes close.

The number of mosquito-caused deaths really is a mind-blowing fact. Other than humans killing humans during periods of war (without relevant wars it remains at about 475,000 casualties per year), the mosquito usually wins. The reason? Mosquitoes carry terrible diseases, including malaria (which kills more than 600,000 people every year) or the dengue fever virus.

It is also interesting to see that, apart from the disgraceful human-killing-human factor on the second place, the snake rises on the third position with around 50,000 deaths. This is something I was expecting rather than the dog being the fourth most killing. The reason? Dogs spread and inflict the deadly disease of rabies, which kills around 25,000 people around the globe. After the dog comes strange insects and bugs such as the tse-tse fly, the assassin beetle or the water snail, all of them spreading human killing diseases as well. After them, two disgusting worm species and finally the big ones, known by everyone (crocodiles, hippos,etc.)

Check out the chart above for further details and... you know, beware the mosquito. It can be deadly!