01 noviembre 2016

Halloween Time: 25 Scary Stories in 6 Words!

1) Driving alone. Feel hand on shoulder.
2) Scratching heard… from inside the coffin.
3) You’ve been bitten. Only cure: headshot.
4) Dead eyes watching outside your window.
5) Noise downstairs. You wait. Too late.
6) No heaven. No hell. Wander forever.
7) Full moon, blood lust... I transform.
8) Stomachache, I vomit. Slugs come out.
9) Breathing under your bed. You look.
10) I like children. They taste fresh.
11) Garlic and wooden stake? How naive.
12) Dark night. Flat tyre. Wolf howls.
13) “Help!” she cried. Only silence answered.
14) I saw him die… Didn’t I?
15) Tied to the tracks… Train coming.
16) Screams wake you up. Your daughter's.
17) Looking at mirror, shadow lurking behind.
18) Phone ringing. "Hello?" Just hear pantings...
19) Last human dies. Only zombies left.
20) With the coffin buried, you awoke.
21) Doll twisted her neck: "Let's play".
22) Home alone, someone whispers your name.
23) Bungee jumping. Rope Snaps. You fall...
24) Power outage. TV suddenly turns on.
25) No wind blowing. Door is slammed.