09 junio 2015


In this original Game you are a brave knight in search for adventure. In your missions, you'll encounter loathsome, evil creatures that will try to ruin your heroic quest. You must endure and try to save the kidnapped princess!

In order to annihilate these monsters, you'll have to make up words out of the letters given in order to make powerful attacks. The longer the word, the more powerful the attack will be! But you'd better hurry to make up the word, as time will be runnning down really quickly.

Have a go on this amusing game and train up your vocabulary skills. Enjoy!

01 junio 2015

"My Women's Football Team: Santa Ana (EFSAC)" by María Ruiz Arencibia (1º A Bach)

Hi! My name is Maria and I´m an amateur footballer in my free time. My team is called Santa Ana football team (EFSAC) and I play as a defender. This is the first year that there is a women's team and we always have a good time when we are playing. We are learning a lot! 

Last week we played a championship in “Ciudad Jardin" . There were five more teams. First, we played against the hosts of the Championship. We thought that it would be very difficult to win because they are in an upper level in our league. Neverthless, we were better and won 3-0. We were very happy and motivated. And as there are not so many teams, we were already in the semifinals! Then we played against a team that had played two matches previously and we won 3-1 in a magnificent game. We were hopefully in the final. 

We coudn’t explain how happy we were. I remember that the coach told us: “Finals are not played but won and we mustn’t be afraid because we are good enough to win”. I think that they were the best words that he could tell us. We trusted ownselves and hopefully we won. In fact, we won the final 5-1. We played the match of our lives because we all played very well. Maybe the championship is a nonsense for many people but we were as happy as if we had won the UEFA Champions League. We coudn’t believe it!

We are in the fourth position in the league and it is not bad because it is our first year and there are teams that have been playing for many years. We are a group of friends who met together to form the team. Our coach is the father of one of us but the training is really hard. The most important thing in the team is that we are all friends and we enjoy the training sessions and the matches.